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Who we are

We are I.K.M. Reality Staving, the development company based in Banská Bystrica operating on the market for 27 years. Our operations’ main object is complex execution of building construction in Slovakia and abroad.

We cover the whole process of construction, from investment intention, through project preparation and engineering works, turnkey execution or help with the mortgage financing to building management.


As a middle-sized company we place emphasis particularly on good interpersonal relationships and company culture. You can place confidence in our 42 member administrative team of professionals whom combine in themselves character, professionalism and qualification in respective department.

We were able to build a network of reliable partners during the long-term existence of our company. We cooperate with more than 400 professional subcontractors. Hence we are able to respond with flexibility to required changes on the part of the investors.

Our key to success is professionalism, quality and correct approach to clients. We allow ourselves to say that during the existence of our company we have already executed more than 1300 constructions based on these qualities.

At present, Board of directors of I.K.M. Reality Staving is composed of its CEO Ing. Pavel Fekiač and members Ing. Mária Figuliová and Mr. Peter Kováč Jr.

Peter Kováč Sr.

"For me the victory is being able to give work to people and to sustain the quality of created pieces of work, for which we can be rightly proud."

History of I.K.M.

The history of our company has begun right after the Velvet Revolution on January 13th, 1990. JUDr. Juraj Klimo, Ing. Peter Kováč, Ing. Štefan Maťuš and Ing. Vladimír Vigaš founded the first building association in ČSSR called K.K.M.V. Reality Staving.

The intention of the enterprise was an acquisition of land, building construction and their subsequent sale or rent. The company has grown to 40 employees during the first two months and secured the first contract – construction of Post Office in Poniky. At the same time, magazine Pravda issued an article about us „Mount the right horse“.

Thanks to the dynamic growth and opportunities of the 90s in Slovakia the company changed the legal form to Limited Liability Company (LLC) in 1991. New legal form led to the change of the owners. Since then the company owners are Peter Imrich, Ing. Peter Kováč and Ing. Štefan Maťuš, who established company named I.K.M. Reality Staving s.r.o..


Ing. Peter Kováč Sr.

"Our vision was to participate in metamorphosis and improvement of the city of Banská Bystrica, and to build our own investment projects..."

Thanks to this vision the initial project of the company called Belveder got started in 1994, and is being built to this date.

Since then I.K.M. was active not only in Slovakia but abroad as well. We built projects in Germany, for example Arge Poseidon House in Hamburg, mixed use House Cirkel in Herten, Hospital in Strassbourg, or completely reconstructed the National library from 14th century in Nizhny Novgorod, in Russia.

Last time we have changed our legal form on March 10th, 1997 to joint-stock company. Since then we have continued to successfully execute bespoke constructions and our own investment projects as Belveder in Banská Bystrica, or Project Moskovská/Strážnická Residence, and Kozia 7 Residence in Bratislava.

We hope that our company will continue to grow and our employees will jointly deliver enjoyment in form of pleasant living and surroundings, where you and your family will feel like at home.

We are looking forward to future projects and to collaborating with you.

I.K.M. Reality Staving

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The company has established operational and continuously improved system of quality management. The company is a holder of valid certificates STN EN ISO 9001 : 2015, OHSAS 18001 : 2007, ISO 14001 : 2015 that can be opened upon click on the links below.


We’ll be happy to help and advise you about our projects or new project execution. You can contact us by phone +421 48 413 4455 or +421 48 413 4453,
or by e-mail ikm-bb@ikm.sk.